Need fast, reliable tyre fitting in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, or Bucks?

This is our first blog post for 2022, so we’ll start with a slightly belated Happy New Year to all of our customers, and a big thanks for your support in 2021.

Although our blog covers all sorts of tyre- and driving-related topics, this one is really straightforward. We’re going to spend a few minutes whizzing through the services we offer.

Who are we?

BK Tyres offers mobile tyre-fitting services across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Independent and family-run, we’ve been successfully competing with the industry big boys for years, offering a superior level of service (scroll through dozens of testimonials on the home page!) and competitive prices. We’re based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Tyres supplied and fitted — at home.

Our fully equipped mobile tyre service is designed to make life easier. We come to you, fitting the tyres of your choice at a time that’s convenient. All we need is access to your vehicle and a bit of space to work in — we do the rest. Doesn’t that sound better than hanging around in garage waiting rooms, drinking bad coffee?

Ordering your tyres from the website is dead easy. If you’re not sure what you want, give us a call!

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

Tyres supplied and fitted — at work.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to get your tyres sorted when you’re at work, so we offer that as an option too. In fact, we can fit tyres in pretty much any location provided it’s on a hard surface and we can get around the vehicle safely. Just call us to arrange the time and the place.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

Mobile puncture repair

If a puncture has left you feeling flat, don’t despair: BK Tyres has a first-rate mobile puncture repair service. Depending on the nature of the puncture, we may be able to repair it for a much lower cost than a replacement. All punctures are repaired to BSAU 159 standard.

We will get you safely on your way by either repairing your puncture or fitting the spare wheel. If you don’t have a spare, let us know and we can bring one with us.

The fitting service is just £45. including VAT.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

4 x 4 tyre fitting

With rim sizes up to 23”, we have tyres for all types of 4×4 vehicles, from compact models like the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqais, through to their bigger cousins, such as Range Rovers and Volvo XC90s.

What 4 x 4 tyres you need will depend on how you use your vehicle. If you use your 4 x 4’s offroad capabilities to the full, we can supply tyres to get you through tough terrain. On the other hand, if you only use your vehicle on the road, we can cater for that too.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to recommend competitively priced tyres to suit your use.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

Seasonal refitting

Time to swap out your winter tyres for summer ones? Or vice versa? Give BK Tyres a call and we’ll take all the hassle out of the process. Tyre swaps are priced at £20 each for 10-16″ tyres or £25 for 17-21″ tyres (minimum two swapovers per vehicle). Prices include a new valve (excluding sensor valves), balancing, and VAT.

If you didn’t buy your tyres from us and require them fitted, please call to discuss.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

Mobile tyre fitting for caravans and motorhomes

BK Tyres offer a professional mobile tyre fitting service for mobile homes and caravans. Operating throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, our expert fitters can change or repair caravan and mobile home tyres at a location convenient to you.

Caravan and motorhome tyres need special care and attention, because these types of vehicles often stand for long periods. This can cause the development of flat spots, which can damage the tyre’s internal structure.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

Servicing and replacing TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Like any safety feature, it’s important that your TPMS system is kept serviced and working correctly. A faulty or inoperable TPMS is also an MOT failure.
BK Tyres can diagnose TPMS problems with the latest handheld technology.

BK Tyres can service and replace Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for 90% of vehicles.

If your car is showing there’s a TPMS fault — usually by a dashboard warning light — don’t ignore it, call us straightaway. If you’re in Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire, our fully mobile service will come to you. We’ll then diagnose the problem.

When there’s a fault, replacing the manufacturer sensor can mean an expensive visit to a dealer or independent specialist. The car’s ECU has to be programmed, while you hanging around wasting your day. BK Tyres has a better solution: using handheld technology, we can clone the old sensor’s data onto a new generic sensor and then fit this as required. This can all be done at your home or work.

We can also inspect and service your TPMS at the same time that we replace your tyres.

Call us on 01491 835353 or mobile-friendly: 03331 234242 or get in touch.

That about covers it…

That covers all of our main services — blimey, we get through a lot in a day’s work!

For any enquiries, or advice about what tyres you need, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. Hope to see you soon.

The BK Tyres blog covers a wide range of topics related to tyres and driving.

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