Looking for a great all-round tyre for your SUV?

A tyre that’s great on a hatchback or a saloon will be just as good on an SUV, right? Well, not necessarily. Faced with the challenges posed by SUV design, some brands perform better than others. In particular, tyres for… read more

A British company tackling the tyre waste headache.

Inflation and energy costs may have pushed environmental issues off the front page, but environmental issues are still a major concern for most UK citizens. In the tyre world, sustainability contiues to be a hot topic, with companies striving to… read more

Spotlight on Avon Tyres

These days, Avon Tyres aren’t as widely known as some of their giant competitors, like Dunlop or Continental, and that’s a shame. The brand produces a large range of tyres for vans, motorbikes, cars and motorsport — at BK Tyres,… read more

Whatever happened to the spare tyre? PART TWO

In Part One of this article, we started looking at why the full size spare tyre is becoming a thing of the past — and the pros and cons of removing it from modern cars. To recap so far, we’ve… read more

Whatever happened to the spare tyre? PART ONE

    Nowadays, only people over a certain age can remember when every car came equipped with a full-sized spare tyre. In ye olde days, if you had a blow-out or a flat, you dug out your trusty full-sized replacement… read more

UK Heatwaves and Looking After Your Tyres

A few days ago, the UK Met Office issued its first ever red warning for extreme heat, and there’s a fair chance that today or tomorrow, temperature records will tumble. Road travel is likely to be unpleasant, and maybe even… read more

The great carbon black shortage: can the tyre industry adapt?

Carbon black is not the most interesting stuff to look at: it’s a black, slightly fluffy powder that’s almost identical to soot. It’s pretty nasty too, potentially carcinogenic and with a massive environmental footprint. However, carbon black is something that… read more

Tyre Manufacturers and the Ukraine Invasion

In writing this article, we’re not trivialising or ignoring the enormous human tragedy unfolding in front of us in the Ukraine. But reporting or discussing global events is well beyond our scope — all we can reasonably do is comment… read more