4 x 4 mobile tyre fitting

BK Tyres offer a 4 x 4 mobile tyre fitting service. Our professional, fully-trained fitters operate throughout South Oxfordshire, including Abingdon, Didcot and Henley-on-Thames.

With rim sizes up to 23”, we have tyres for all types of 4×4 vehicles, from compact models like the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqais, through to their bigger cousins, such as Range Rovers and Volvo XC90s.

What’s different about 4 X 4 tyres?

Tyres for 4 x 4 vehicles tend to be bigger than those for standard passenger cars. Typical sizes are 18-19 inches, with some reaching 22 inches or more. Given the heritage of 4 x 4 vehicles, 4 x 4 tyres are usually designed with off-road capability in mind. It’s worth thinking about the amount of off-roading you do you before choosing your tyres (see below).

For safety, some fitters recommend always fitting the same make and type of tyre on all four wheels of a 4 x 4. At the least, we recommend that you fit the same tyres on both wheels on the same axle.

Due to their size and enhanced capabilities, 4 x 4 are usually more expensive than regular tyres. Fortunately, BK Tyres offer some of the most competitive prices around, so in addition to getting your tyres fitted when and where you like, you won’t have to pay through the nose.

What type of 4 x 4 tyres should I get fitted?

The main types of 4 x 4 tyre are All Terrain, Mud Terrain and Highway/Ultra-Highway. Which is best for you depends on how you use your vehicle.

If you’re seriously into off-roading, you’ll probably need a mud-terrain tyre. These have extremely deep tread, with large gaps between the tread elements. This makes them great for rough, off-road surfaces (as the name suggests they’re fantastic for driving on mud). However, on regular roads they don’t fare so well. They’re noisy, unresponsive and have increased braking distances on smooth surfaces.

If your vehicle is used equally on-road and off-road, consider fitting all-terrain tyres. These are a good compromise between the more hard-core mud-terrain and highway tyres. The tread of all-terrain tyres is still deeper and more widely spaced than highway designs, and this allows them to cope with less severe off-road conditions, but they perform better than mud-terrain tyres on the street. Compared to standard tyres, all-terrain 4×4 tyres have a more robust pattern to minimise any impact from driving off-road.

If most or all of your driving is going to be on sealed roads, you will be better off fitting a highway/ultra-highway tyre. Some makes will have better grip than standard tyres, allowing a modest improvement when on off-road surfaces or in poor weather. Other types, especially performance 4 x 4 tyres, offer no real advantage. However, the pay-off is that they are easier to live with on the road than the other types: they’re quieter, offer better performance and stopping capability.

Finding the right tyre for you can be tricky, so ask our 4 x 4 mobile tyre fitting experts – we’re only a phone call away.

BK Tyres’ mobile 4 x 4 tyre service

BK Tyres is a family-owned company with 20 years’ industry experience. We’re completely focused on offering the best mobile tyre fitting service around. Of course, that’s easy to say, so please take a few minutes to browse our testimonials and see what our customers have to say.

If you need new tyres for your 4 x 4 and you want to have your tyres fitted at home, then just get in touch (or, if it’s more convenient, get your tyres fitted at work).


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