Mobile tyre fitting for caravans and motorhomes

BK Tyres offer a professional mobile tyre fitting service for mobile homes and caravans. Operating throughout South Oxfordshire, including Abingdon, Didcot and Henley-on-Thames, our expert fitters can change or repair caravan and mobile home tyres at a location convenient to you.

Getting holidays off to the right start

There can’t be many worse starts to your caravan or motorhome holiday than sitting at the side of the road with a flat tyre.

A bit of forward planning can reduce the chances of this happening. Let BK Tyres replace your tyres at a time and location convenient to you (usually, with a caravan or motorhome, this means having the tyres fitted at home). Our friendly fitters come to you, replacing your unsafe or deteriorating tyres and keeping your holiday rolling.

When should I replace my caravan tyres?

As with any other vehicle, caravan tyres are the only point of contact with the road. It’s therefore vital that they are kept up to scratch.

Caravans rarely cover the mileage needed to wear tread down to legal limits, but it would be wrong to assume that a caravan tyre with plenty of tread must be in good condition.

One reason for this is that tyres deteriorate with or without road use. As good as modern tyres are, exposure to heat, light and the atmosphere will gradually perish the rubber. Perished rubber has reduced elasticity and is prone to splitting.

An additional problem is that caravans are typically left standing for a much longer period of time than most vehicles. When the tyre continually bears the weight of the caravan on the same section, flat spots can develop.  These flat spots are more problematic than when they occur in cars, in which the distortion disappears as the tyres heat up.

The upshot of this is that caravan tyres should be regularly checked for signs of cracking in the side walls or tread. You should also consider following the Caravan Club recommendation of changing tyres after five years. Their research indicates that the deterioration and failure rate increases considerably after this time.

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What replacement tyres should I buy for my caravan?

Tyres on the same axle should have the same load and speed rating, and obviously need to be the same side. They should also be inflated to the same pressure.

Some older caravans are still running on cross-ply tyres. These should be replaced with radial ply tyres.

The tyres need to be able to cope with the load. More specifically, the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) of the caravan must not exceed the combined load capacity of its tyres. It makes sense to leave some leeway, so that the MTPLM is less than 90% of the tyres’ load capacity.

Further advice on caravan tyres

If in doubt about when or how to replace your caravan tyres, please get in touch with our friendly experts.

Replacing motor home tyres

Tyres fitted to your motorhome are usually Light Commercial Category (C). They are the same sort of tyres fitted to delivery vans and have been engineered to bear the weight of heavier vehicles. designed to cater for the extra weight of motorhomes.

Motorhomes are specialist vehicles, and you should ask the vehicle manufacturer before considering changing your motorhome tyres from the original specification. Changing these specifications could make alter the motorhome’s handling, ground clearance and so on. In particular, you should never replace motorhome tyres with any that have a lower load or speed rating.

For expert advice on motorhome tyres, get in touch.