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Are premium tyres right for you?

premium vs budget ttyres

Last month, we tackled the question are premium tyres actually any better than their budget equivalents. If you didn’t read it, here’s the short answer: yes, they are. So given that premium tyres are demonstrably better, this time we’ll look… read more

Are premium tyres worth the premium price?

premium tyre

When you’re buying a tyre, some decisions are pretty simple. Avoiding part-worn tyres, for example, is a complete no-brainer. Others are less straightforward — such as whether you should opt for a bargain basement tyre brand or stump up the… read more

EU tyre labelling — who’s actually using it?

BK tyres - eu labels

Remember the last time you bought some tyres? We’ve got two quick questions about it: Did you use the EU tyre labelling information to guide your choice? If not, did you even know the EU labelling system existed? If the… read more

What to do during a tyre blowout

Tyre blowouts can be anything from unnerving to downright terrifying. We look at a few simple rules to follow when a tyre lets go. What is a tyre blowout? Tyre blowouts are sudden, catastrophic failures in a tyre’s structure. They… read more

Company focus: spotlight on Michelin

Michelin Man poster

BK Tyres  supply around 600 different Michelin tyres, one of the world’s most enduring and famous brands. In this post, we’ll take a peek at the company behind the iconic Michelin Man. Company statistics Founded in 1889, Michelin currently employs… read more

What’s next for tyres – the promise of graphene


OK, we may be a little biased, but we think that tyre compounds are pretty amazing. We blogged recently about how modern tyres utilise over 200 raw materials. Now they look set to become even more incredible as manufacturers start… read more

The bald facts about worn tyres

A little while back, we blogged about the dangers of buying part worn tyres. Our view was (and is) pretty blunt: they’re dangerous and they don’t represent any sort of saving. But in researching that post, we came across some… read more

BK Tyres’ guide to the anatomy of a tyre

Bridgestone run flat tyres

Although we’ve blogged about different types of tyres – for example, run-flats, unidirectional tyres, and even part-worn tyres – it suddenly occurred to us that we hadn’t really looked at the basic question of what’s inside a typical tyre. So… read more

Steer away from part worn tyres

Tyre related accident

Let’s cut to the chase: part worn tyres are often downright dangerous and buying them is a false economy. That’s the view of many industry experts and it’s ours too. Is it really so black and white as that? We… read more

What are run flat tyres?

Bridgestone run flat tyres

In our first post of 2017, we’re looking at run flat tyres – what they are, their advantages and disadvantages and whether they’re right for you. Run flat tyres are ones designed to be driven on, for a limited distance,… read more