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Research shows poor tyre care costs lives

A groundbreaking research study has revealed the serious, and sometimes tragic, consequences of poor tyre care. We take a look at its findings. Just a few weeks ago, we wrote a post on the costs of underinflated tyres. We argued… read more

Aquaplaning and your tyres

Aquaplaning — it always sounds like something that you might do on a Mediterranean beach holiday.  But aquaplaning in your car is no fun at all. At best it’s alarming; at worst, it can result in a serious accident. After… read more

The true costs of underinflated tyres

In this post, we look at what happens when your tyres are underinflated and try to get to the bottom of how much it could cost you. Underinflated tyres and fuel costs You’ve heard that not keeping on top of… read more

Potholes and your tyres, Part Two

In Part One of this post, we looked at the size of the pothole problem in the UK and what the little blighters can do to your vehicle. This time, we’ll look at what you should look out for following… read more

Potholes and your tyres: it’s not good news

In this two-part post, we’ll look at everyone’s favourite road defect — the pothole. In this section, we look at the extent of the extent of the problem in the UK and the damage potholes can inflict on your vehicle…. read more

The BK Tyres Star Buy: GT Radial Tyres

GT Radial tyres are currently our Star Buy. These are great mid-range tyres that offer performance without the price tag. What’s more, they’re currently available with a lifetime warranty against accidental damage. GT Radial — the unknown tyre giants. Most… read more

Michelin’s Concept Tyre: one of the best inventions of 2017

Imagine a tyre that never punctures, never needs replacing, can be adapted for different road conditions and which lasts as long as your car. A tyre that informs you about road conditions and its performance, and which is completely biodegradable… read more

Are premium tyres right for you?

premium vs budget ttyres

Last month, we tackled the question are premium tyres actually any better than their budget equivalents. If you didn’t read it, here’s the short answer: yes, they are. So given that premium tyres are demonstrably better, this time we’ll look… read more

Are premium tyres worth the premium price?

premium tyre

When you’re buying a tyre, some decisions are pretty simple. Avoiding part-worn tyres, for example, is a complete no-brainer. Others are less straightforward — such as whether you should opt for a bargain basement tyre brand or stump up the… read more