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UK Heatwaves and Looking After Your Tyres

A few days ago, the UK Met Office issued its first ever red warning for extreme heat, and there’s a fair chance that today or tomorrow, temperature records will tumble. Road travel is likely to be unpleasant, and maybe even… read more

The great carbon black shortage: can the tyre industry adapt?

Carbon black is not the most interesting stuff to look at: it’s a black, slightly fluffy powder that’s almost identical to soot. It’s pretty nasty too, potentially carcinogenic and with a massive environmental footprint. However, carbon black is something that… read more

Tyre Manufacturers and the Ukraine Invasion

In writing this article, we’re not trivialising or ignoring the enormous human tragedy unfolding in front of us in the Ukraine. But reporting or discussing global events is well beyond our scope — all we can reasonably do is comment… read more

Are truly intelligent tyres coming soon? Part Two

In Part One of this article, we reported on an ingenious driving system that’s in the pipeline — a gas jet that automatically blasts away surface water to prevent aquaplaning. This time, we’ll look at another clever development that centres… read more

October is Tyre Safety Month — Time to ACT!

Did you know that October is Tyre Safety Month? The idea behind it is straightforward: a month-long bout of awareness raising, encouraging vehicle owners to think about tyre safety. It’s hard to disagree with when poor tyre maintenance still claims… read more