Could you really save money by swapping to summer tyres?

Here at BK Tyres, we’ve long offered a seasonal tyre refitting service competitive price – you can see the details here. No wonder, then, that two tyre-related tabloid headlines caught our eye over recent days:  Petrol and diesel drivers can… read more

Tyre sensors without batteries? Sounds like a great idea.

Tyre sensors, such as tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were a major step forward in vehicle safety. Since their first appearance in the 1980s (yes, really), they must have saved many lives – and countless tyre failures. Good as they… read more

Top Gear calls modern tyres ‘a disgrace’. Really?

In a May 2023 opinion piece appearing on the Top Gear website, motoring journalist Paul Horrell concludes that modern tyres are a disgrace. More specifically, it’s their vulnerability that is disgraceful. His reasoning runs as follows: Cars, during their R&D… read more