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Why and How Tyre Labelling is Changing

At BK Tyres, we’re all in favour of customers having all the key information they need to make informed buying choices. A quick glance through our extensive stock shows that we prominently display all the tyre label information next to… read more

Electric cars are here. Are tyres keeping up?

It’s now three years since we published a blog post titled The electric car is coming. Tyre manufacturers will need to up their game. What we couldn’t have foreseen then  — or maybe we should have done —  is just… read more

Focus on Kormoran and Uniroyal Tyres

The big tyre companies get most of the attention and the press, but there are plenty of other options to keep your car on the road. This month we look at two less well-known brands: Kormoran and Uniroyal. Kormoran Tyres… read more

A Tyre for All Seasons

At BK Tyres, we’re often asked for our recommendations for a good all-season tyre. The Continental All Season Contact is an excellent choice. Many enthusiastic drivers, especially with higher performance cars, prefer to use dedicated summer and winter tyres. There’s… read more

Why Mixing Your Tyres is a Terrible Idea

Mixing tyres on the same vehicle — for example tread patterns, types and tread depths — can be bad news. In this two-part article, we explain why. Lots of things are better when they’re mixed together. Cake ingredients. Cocktail drinks…. read more