Mobile tyre fitting vs garage tyre fitting – it’s a no-brainer.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

So, you’re in South Oxfordshire… maybe in Didcot or Adingdon or Henley on Thames, and you need one or more new tyres. Should you take your pride and joy over to a garage, or let a mobile tyre fitter come to you?

To us, it’s a complete no-brainer – it’s mobile services all the way.

Yes, we know we’re biased!

Our verdict isn’t a surprise – after all, we are one of the longest-established and most popular mobile tyre providers in the area (check out our customer reviews on the home page).

But even if you take self-interest (and a bit of pride) out of the picture, we still reckon mobile tyre fitting is the better option for most motorists. Here’s why.

The excellent reasons you’re better off with mobile fitting

1. No more battling through traffic to the garage.

Have you tried getting through some of the busier Oxfordshire towns at rush hour? What a headache! By coming to you, services like ours remove another source of stress you could do without.

2. No hanging around in a garage waiting area…

A lot of garages make an effort to give you a friendly waiting area, bless ’em. But usually, they just aren’t somewhere you want to spend any time. Scanning boring tyre posters or sitting next to some bloke twiddling on his phone? No thanks, not when you could be in the comfort of your own home (or at work).

3. …Or doing without the car

Of course, if you don’t want to wait at the garage, you can always drop the car there. Ah, but then you’ve got to get someone else to drive you from the garage when you drop the car, and take you back out there again to pick it up. And in the mean time the garage has your car. More unnecessary complications.

4. Less wasted time

On average, we get about 700,000 hours on this beautiful planet…and that’s your lot. So unless you really love garages, why would you waste any of that precious time hanging around one?

5. Same service, probably same price, less hassle

Drivers who are used to garages sometimes think you’ll get a poorer service from a mobile service, or have to pay more. Er, nope.. speaking for ourselves, that’s wrong on both counts. Our guys are trained to high standards and we know our prices are competitive. In fact, why not have a search and see for yourself?

No dissing garages needed!

OK, we’ve been poking a bit of gentle fun at garages, but let’s just be clear that, quite seriously, we’re not dissing our respected colleagues. There are loads of garages out there that do their customers proud, offering great tyre-related services.

Also, in some cases, getting your tyres from a garage makes a lot of sense. For example, if you’re getting a bunch of other work done on your car, it might be more convenient for them to replace the tyres too.

It’s just that in many other cases – the majority, we would say – getting your tyres fitted by a respected mobile operation like BK Tyres is a faster, more convenient, less disruptive option than any garage can offer.

Why not get in touch and find out for yourself?

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