Want a tyre with great wet performance? Enter the Bridgestone Turanza 6.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Just a few weeks back, half the UK seemed to be underwater after weeks of relentless rain. Driving conditions in many parts of the country have been terrible.

As the UK climate gets ever damper, tyres that perform well in wet conditions are going to become even more important. No wonder many drivers are on the lookout for a tyre that can deliver outstanding performance in wet conditions.

With that in mind, Bridgestone’s Turanza 6 might just fit the bill. Released last year, this high performance tyre ticks an awful lot of boxes.

Not so slippery when wet

Based on independent tests carried out by TÜV SÜD, Tyre Trade News calls the Turanza 6’s wet performance ‘best in class.’

The TÜV SÜD tests compared the Turanza 6 to three other high-quality offerings from Continental, Goodyear and Michelin. The Turanza 6 didn’t beat all its rivals in every test, but it did achieve:

  • The best wet braking performance, slowing the car from 80 km/hr to 20 km/hr the fastest.
  • Associated with this, the shortest wet braking distance.
  • A solid performance on snow, only placing second to Michelin’s Cross Climate 2.

Across its range, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 achieves an EU label A-grade for wet grip..

More mpg, more sustainable

When it comes to tyres, there’s no either/or choice between your wallet and the environment. Tyres that give you more miles per gallon use less fuel, which means lower emissions per mile.

Relative to its predecessor, the Turanza T005, the Turanza 6 delivers improved efficiency and lower emissions. The tyre offers a 4% reduction in rolling resistance compared to the  T005. That translates to a relatively modest improvement in mpg (or miles per charge). However, over the life of the tyre, that could add up to a considerable saving.

And speaking of the lifetime of the tyre, this is where Bridgestone has made more impressive strides forward. strides  Compared to predecessors, the Turanza 6 lasts an estimated 20% more miles. That’s a huge difference.

Let’s say a set of front tyres lasts 20,000 miles (obviously, this varies with all sorts of factor), that could mean another 4,000 miles from the new Turanzas – enough for five round-trips from BK Tyres HQ in Oxfordshire to Edinburgh.

Electric Vehicle Ready

The Turanza 6 makes use of Bridgestone’s ENLITEN Technology, which the company website tells us:

…is a combination of cutting-edge technologies providing improved sustainability characteristics and EV readiness without compromising on safety or outstanding tyre performance.

Although it’s probably a good policy to treat newly branded tech names with caution, top companies like Bridgestone are working hard to address the specific problems posed by EVs, such as their greater weight and instant torque.

The ENLITEN branding gives a clear indication to EV drivers that the tyre has been designed with hybrid or full-fat EVs in mind – another step forward.

The Turanza 6 at BK Tyres

We sell the Turanza 6 in a number of rim size, widths and profiles (about 100 different variations at the last count) – all at the competitive prices you’ve come to expect from us. To see if we stock Turanza 6s to fit your car, pop your car details into the search on the home page, select Bridgestone, and see whether they appear in the list.

We recommend that you check out Tyre Trade News’ detailed article on the Turanza 6.

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