How much should you pay for tyre fitting?

BK Tyres tyre fitment

He doesn’t pay for tyre fitment – should you? Photo:

Tyre-fitting is one of those jobs you never want to attempt yourself. Don’t believe us? One user of the motoring site PistonHeads described part of Price for fitting 4 tyres:

2 x 18 stone blokes jumping up and down on the tyre wall trying to break the bead. 6ft of scaffold pole with tyre levers welded to the end. Bent screwdrivers, scrapped knuckles, damaged rims and frayed tempers after an hour and that’s just getting one off.

So, how much should you pay for tyre fitting? How much should it cost for the expertise and highly specialist equipment of a professional tyre fitter?

Our answer may surprise you. It’s zero.

At BK Tyres, provided you bought your tyres from us, our normal fitting service is free (though we do charge for seasonal changeovers).

If you’ve already put money in a garage’s pockets for supplying the tyre, we don’t see why you should pay them again for fitting it, and then a third time for disposing of the old tyre.

If you’re buying your tyres from elsewhere, then fair enough. You can’t expect a company to pay for fitting out of the goodness of their hearts. BK Tyres do offer a fitment-only service, and in those cases, we charge. But when we supply tyres, we see fitment and wheel-balancing as part of our service.

Free tyre-fitting benefits the company

There’s another good reason for not charging customers for fitting. A really good fitting service pays for itself.

Take our own company. At BK Tyres, we’re pretty confident we provide an excellent customer experience. We work hard at it, employing expert fitters, using top equipment and generally doing our best to be accommodating and helpful.

As a result, many of our customers return to us when it’s time to get their next set of tyres.  The point is that by providing a great service, tyre fitment keeps our customer base growing. The service itself markets the tyre sales, so the customers and the company both benefit.

Paying for separate supply and fitment

Bargain-hunting motorists might be tempted to buy their tyres from one company and have another company fit them. A motoring journalist in the Telegraph tested this out and discovered it was possible to make a saving.

We’re not opposed to this – as mentioned, we do offer a fitment-only service – but we do wonder if it’s really worth the extra hassle. Using a separate supplier means you either have to take receipt of your tyres (a disruption), store them yourself (a nuisance), or co-ordinate having them delivered to a garage, where you then have to hang around while they’re fitted (a very boring experience).

For most people, we think any savings you could make are more than offset by the amount of time you lose sorting everything out.

Great deals on tyres, professional fitting

If you use a competitive supplier (like us!) we think that for cost, convenience and time-saving is a mobile-tyre fitting company. For more information, search through our  tyre prices online or contact us.