Visual signs that your tyres need replacing

How do you know that your tyres need replacing? In our last blog post, we pointed out four early warning signs that your tyres are past their best. However, the more obvious way is to take a look at them…. read more

Can I change just one tyre at a time?

You’ve got a nail through a tyre, or the tyre is really worn, and it definitely needs replacing. Can you get away with changing just the one tyre? Some claim this just isn’t a safe option – but are they… read more

Simple autumn driving tips for hassle-free motoring

Autumn driving tips BKTyres

Parts of the UK are having an Indian summer at the moment, but never fear – autumn conditions will soon be with us. It only seems five minutes since we posted our summer driving tips, and now it’s time to… read more

How much should you pay for tyre fitting?

BK tyres - how much to pay for fitting tyres

Tyre-fitting is one of those jobs you never want to attempt yourself. Don’t believe us? One user of the motoring site PistonHeads described part of Price for fitting 4 tyres: 2 x 18 stone blokes jumping up and down on… read more

There’s a nail in my tyre – can you repair it?

Nails in tyres

Nails, screws and other sharp metal nasties have a habit of ending up embedded in our tyres. It’s annoying at any time, but really annoying when the tyre still has plenty of tread remaining. So the big question is ‘Can… read more

Unidirectional, asymmetric and symmetrical tyres

directional tyre

When you’re choosing the next tyres for your car, you might notice that some options are described as asymmetric, unidirectional (or simply directional) and multi-directional. But what do those terms mean and do you need to take them into consideration?… read more

Summer Driving Tips from BK Tyres

Sunglasses on road

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the long days and ever-reliable British sunshine! But before you jump in the car and zoom off on your holidays, BK Tyres have some Summer driving tips for you. 1. Stop running… read more