Focus on Kormoran and Uniroyal Tyres

The big tyre companies get most of the attention and the press, but there are plenty of other options to keep your car on the road. This month we look at two less well-known brands: Kormoran and Uniroyal.

Kormoran Tyres

One of our Kormoran UHP range. Price correct at time of writing.

Anyone who likes a spirited drive will certainly appreciate a high performance tyre and enjoy its full capabilities. But what about everyone else? There’s a huge section of the motoring public whose daily drive seldom gets over 30mph, and who only want an economical tyre that will get from A to B.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solid choices that fit the bill.

Kormoran is a great example. It’s not a particularly well known brand, it’s not an award-winner, but many of their tyres offer good value for money.

Kormoran tyres are produced by Polish company Stomil-Olsztyn. The brand has been around since 1994, but the manufacturing facility actually began producing tyres in 1959. That long history itself is reassuring, but what really makes the case for Kormoran is its ownership. The Kormoran brand is part of the mighty Michelin group.

Does that mean that Kormoran tyres are identical to Michelins except for the name? Unfortunately not. Like many other manufacturers, Michelin make different tyres for different sections of the driving public. Kormoran tyres aren’t designed to rival some of Michelin’s top-flight offerings, but to give a more affordable option. However, it does mean that Kormoran has the backing of one of the world’s foremost tyre companies.

Not all of Kormoran’s products are loved by everyone, but their UHP range is generally well-regarded. Hop on over to Tyre Reviews and you’ll see lots of positive comments on Kormoran UHPs.

BK Tyres supply and fit Kormoran Tyres, including the UHP range.

Uniroyal Tyres

Some examples of our Uniroyal Rainsport range. Prices correct at the time of writing.

Uniroyal is another example of a lesser-known brand, at least for UK buyers.

This Belgian company was a pioneer in tyre manufacture. Over 100 years ago, Uniroyal developed a zigzag tyre pattern that offered significant improvements in grip. They were the first company to make tyres in the Benelux countries and one of the first in Europe.

Today, Uniroyal are part of the Continental tyre group, the third largest tyre manufacturer in the World. Their focus is on producing tyres that perform well in rainy conditions, which is a solid advantage for drivers in Northern Europe!

In fact, based on their outstanding performance in the wet, the Uniroyal RainSport 5 was recommended by Tyre Reviews.

If you like the sound of Uniroyals, again BK Tyres can supply and fit the RainSport and other Uniroyal ranges at your home or place of work.

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