Six mistakes to avoid when you’re changing a tyre

Here’s a quick round-up of six common mistakes that motorists make when changing a tyre. We’re sure that confident tyre-changers will dismiss all six of our mistakes  as ‘just common sense’. And maybe they are. But the thing is, common… read more

What Are The Best Tyres for Your SUV?

In the UK, the rise of the SUV seems unstoppable, with many drivers won over by a winning formula of practicality, space, comfort and great visibility. When it’s time for SUV owners to replace the tyres, what are the best… read more

The BK Tyres Manufacturers Round-Up

Tyre manufacturers are constantly having to adapt: new markets emerge, old ones disappear, technology moves on, regulations change. So every so often, we like to do a round-up of all the latest in the world of tyres. Let’s dive straight… read more

What depth of tread do you need on your tyres?

‘What depth of tread do I need?’ is a question we often get asked. It turns out there’s more than one answer. Tread depth — the legal answer UK Motoring law is very clear on how much tread you need… read more

Why We All Need to Think More About Tyre Disposal

From single-use plastics to climate change, diesel exhaust to species extinctions, environmental issues are now front page news.  It seems that most of us are starting to think more about our impact on the environment. So it’s strange and depressing… read more

Old Tyres Lead to Serious Motorway Collision

Our post this time is a grim but important reminder of the dangers of old tyres. A few weeks ago, an inquest in Bristol delivered its verdict on what caused a tragic 2017 motorway crash.  It was due to the… read more